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Why Build A Website For Your Online / Offline Business?

One early decision people have to make when deciding to start an online business is whether to build a web site. One thing I am convinced of is that to have a successful, long term online business that builds equity for you, it is better to have your own web site than not to have one. In fact, you will probably find you benefit from having more than one. However, it is possible to make money online with no web site, and those possibilities are considered elsewhere at change-direction.com.

Why Have Your Own Web Site?

There are many good reasons for having your own web site, rather than just to send traffic to somebody else's:

  1. It gives credibility to your business, especially if it looks well designed, is easy to navigate, and has good content.
  2. Once you start to get visitors to the web site, it becomes an asset. It starts to acquire a value that feeds in to the value of your business. If you end up getting thousands of visitors a day, that value could be a significant value.
  3. Deciding to build a web site gives you an opportunity to create an image for your business quickly, an image that you can adjust and fine tune very easily with experience.
  4. Having your own web site or websites will probably make you feel proud of what you have achieved or are achieving. It can be a good morale booster, especially when you start to make money from it.
  5. Your own website gives you an enormous amount of flexibility in product promotion. If you find a new product to promote, you can have it on the web site, and live on the internet, within minutes or hours. That is especially so if you learn how to build a web site yourself.
  6. Your own website also gives you an opportunity to establish a relationship with the web site visitors. You can encourage them to sign up for a newsletter, for example. A big list of customers you can email itself has a value to the business. If you just send visitors to a merchant's site directly, you can capture nothing, but the merchant can.
  7. If people find your web site via search engines and directories, they are free visitors who you would miss without the web site. Please see Search Engine Traffic for more on this fascinating, and potentially frustrating, topic.
  8. To build a web site gives you an outlet for your creative skills! If you have any, that is.
  9. Your own web site gives you the opportunity to indulge in a favourite hobby or interest, with the potential to make money from it.
  10. If you have products of your own, the web site can become your shop window, or the store itself.

I am sure I could think of many more reasons, and I expect you can too. I think the bottom line is, if you are positive about building a good, sound online business, you will do much better with one web site at least. Once established, you will almost certainly build more.

So, from now, let's assume you are going to build a web site.