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Web Site Marketing Strategy For Your Home Based Online Business

Whatever type of small home business you may have, an important part of it will be marketing. Not everyone is even sure what marketing is, and to many it just means advertising. So, what is marketing? It will certainly help you if you can take a broad view of marketing if you are to have a successful web site marketing strategy

Advertising is, of course, a very important part of marketing. If you are to have a long term success, then both online advertising and offline advertising could both play an equally important role. Many people, when they start a website for the first time, only think of online marketing and advertising, but it is wise to bear in mind that, at some time, you may get good results from offline marketing efforts. In the long run, you will probably want to combine online and offline advertising.

Apart from advertising, there are some very important offline aspects of marketing that are being covered on the change-direction.com web site. Market research is a crucial aspect of marketing, and should always be your starting point whether your home business is online or offline. Another traditional offline area of marketing has always been public relations, or PR, and that is something you should keep in mind from the outset, as there will be opportunities to use public relations methods to assist your new business.

Like public relations and market research, promotion is an important part of offline marketing that should be kept in mind for web site marketing, as they are easy to forget once you get lured in to the online world. Always remember, life still goes on outside of the internet, so it makes sense not to fall into the trap of a blinkered approach to web site marketing.

Selling and sales techniques, such as sales copywriting, are equally important offline and on, so should be considered as part of your web site marketing both online and offline. They are skills and techniques that are worth understanding, if not mastering yourself.

When it comes to purely online web site marketing, there are many aspects for you to learn and get to grips with, including email marketing, search engine traffic, Blogs or RSS feeds, pay per click advertising and syndicating articles. Much of online marketing is to do with attracting visitors to your website, or traffic as it is referred to.

There is much, much more to web site marketing, and much online that you will be distracted by. Online marketing is fast changing, and techniques that work one month, may be blown away the next. Thus, many newcomers to working online, and even older hands, are often caught out by pursuing a dying technique. That is especially so with search engine opimisation.

For me, one critical area of marketing that you rarely see covered online is something basic: the need to understand the market place and anticipate the next moves. Seeing into the future from the evidence at hand is what will help make you money offline and online. The trend spotters are the winners, the trend followers more inclined to arrive at the scene too late.

But do not worry about that too much. You need to learn the basics, and why they work or do not work. Then later, when you spot a new trend or anticipate one, you have the marketing skills and knowledge in place to make the most of the business opportunity presented. Plus, without the knowledge of the individual marketing elements, how can you devise a web site marketing strategy?