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If you want an online business, the products you can sell can either be yours or someone else’s. Affiliate marketing is when you sell the products of another, and can be a lucrative way to earn money online. However, it is best to sell your own products.

Finding or Creating Products to Sell Online

Selling products online is a multi billion dollar industry. Yet, it is still in its infancy. That means that the opportunities to sell your own products online are almost endless. Not only that, many of the larger companies you may be familiar with have not yet got the grasp of internet marketing. This can allow small players to compete online on equal terms with the larger companies; except of course that they will have a lot of money to spend. The good news for you is that they are unlikely to spend it wisely.

Physical Products

If you are already a small manufacterer, in any country, then your market is worldwide and can be almost instant. Some of the emerging economies, especially China, are exceptionally well placed to take advantage of selling local amde products on or via the internet. Once you are organized for exporting, then you can find many outlets online for selling your products. You will need a web site to display your products, preferably designed and managed in a way that will attract search engine traffic. If you want to sell mail order online, then you will need a payment procesor that operates in your country; or you can arrange sales and deliveries for export much as you would offine, once a potential customer has established contact.

Information Products

There are many types of products, of course, so if you do not have your own product already, you can create your own. One of the best ways to make money online is with information products. In fact, many a fortune has been made selling Ebooks, written especially for the internet market place. If you do not have the ability to right your own Ebook, then there are many ghost writers around who will do the job for you.

Affiliate Marketing

Another option for selling products online is as an agent, or affiliate. This is an easy option for starting up, and has the potential for a good income. However, as with any new business, it is not easy to succeed. As with any new internet business it requires tenacity, time, an ability to learn and a great deal of patience. It is no get rich quick panacea, but can be a route to a successful business for those with the right attributes.

One advantage of being an affiliate is that you have no inventory and do not have to worry about processing payments, delivery or product development. There are quite a few web sites where you can find products to sell as an affiliate, but the two I use most are Shareasale and Affiliate Future.

Drop Shipping

Another way to access products to sell online is through drop shipping. With this method, you market products as if they are your own, and only when you have an order do you buy at wholeale price from the supplier, and they drop ship the product to your customer. This can be an excellent way to start up an internet store, but you do need to be careful in selecting drop shippers, as their are a few rogues about online. One good source of reliable information is WorldWideBrands.



Ideally, though, you should have your own products. By learning as much as possible about internet marketing techniques, you will soon be competing head on with your competitors, whether your products are consumer or business to business.

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