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Starting your first online business can be daunting, especially when it comes to thinking about an internet marketing strategy. Online advertising is part of your strategy, but how do you make it a successful part of your strategic marketing?

Online Advertising As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Advertising is an expensive business tool, both online and offline. Well targetted, and with good advertisements, it brings profit and success. Badly targeted advertising is just throwing money away; it can be like tossing money into a bottomless pit.

If you are using advertising for the first time, be prepared. It can cause disappointment and despair, so you need to remain detached and business like. Every advertisement or campaign is a test, so you will fare better in the long run if you approach it like a scientist, in a realistic and unemotional way.

For the unwary, the internet is a succession of money traps when it comes to business opportunities, investments and ........ advertising. The online advertising industry has not yet settled down in the way that it has offline, where things have remained much the same for decades. But even when it does settle down in future decades, it will remain a trap for your advertising money.

Many companies have bitten the dust through misjudged advertising campaigns, even when using reputable and excellent offline media. It is very easy to make mistakes in advertising. So, if large companies, employing professional marketing staff, and using established advertising bureau and media, can make a hash of things and lose $1000's, what chance does someone have who:

  1. Is new to having their own business.
  2. New to internet marketing.
  3. Has no experience of advertising.
  4. Cannot distinguish between the hype and the truth being thrown at them online?

Well, it is not all bad news if you are starting fresh. You have not yet fallen into any bad habits or down any advertising money traps.

Next, we will look at Pay Per Click advertising.