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Son of a #*&$@#. There I sat, staring at the web page for who knows how long, and wondering if I should get up now, to get my wallet. Should I get it?

Inertia, you know; I was just too darn tired. So there I sat, debating. Because my tiredness won-out, the easiest solution was to simply bookmark the page.

Panning back to reality, wondering what the heck I'm doing and how I got there, it was like a cascade of memories that never could find their way back to the beginning until I actually closed the last window.

Oh, yea! I was reading my e-mail.

So how did I get here to this site, reading, making mental purchases on which items I wanted, and upset about having to get up?

A hair's breadth away from making a purchase, saved only by being too tired to get up and get my wallet, I realized I was "saved" from making a purchase I never consciously intended to make.

For both our benefits, I'm writing this right now, while it's still fresh in my mind. And I'm still tired, so if it seems like I'm writing off the cuff without much planning, it's because I am.

But I can't let this slide. And neither should you. Hold on to your hat, because here's where it all started…

Back to Eudora

Eudora - my email client, churning away, filtering everything into their respective Mailboxes, ending with a familiar do do de dup de dupe. Press Okay. Done.

I've got my filtering down to a science; almost all spam now goes into my "Not My Address" mailbox. A quick scan; yup. All you go, into the trash. Next, the "real" mail.

Hum; one from Joe Vitale, eh? "Your Confirmation Required". Oh, that's right; I just signed up for that News You Can Use thing. Here we go; the famous opt-in mile-long confirmation link.


Here's where I got clobbered! I was expecting a quaint "confirmation successful" page, like us dinky cattle are so used to seeing as we're ushered right along into oblivion. Instead, I was actually "startled" when a full blown web page came up with goodies on it that I wasn't previously aware of, or prepared for.

Hum; let's investigate. You know, just a quick scan.

What's this? I didn't know Joe had all this stuff. I don't think I want any of this "right now", but if I did, I think "this one here" is the one I'd most like to check out. Click.

Hum; this is deep. He quotes an old favorite person I enjoyed reading about when I was a lifetime younger - Emile Coue. I'm three-quarters down a long ad page now; I'm thinking to myself, Erickson (Milton) must have gotten a lot from Emile. My feelings wander to that time past. Not really reading anymore, just wondering. This stuff seems really interesting. Anyway…

How much is it?

47-Bucks? I can swing that. This will help me in my…

Where's my wallet? Son of a #*&$@#. It's in the bedroom. Should I get it?...