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The 12 Step Internet Copywriting Formula

Have you ever picked up a book off the shelf at a local bookstore, read the front and back covers, opened it up and, after reading a few pages, just couldn’t put it down?

Do you remember, after you bought the book, how you flipped each page with an almost excruciating curiosity because the story was so tantalizing, you became increasingly riveted with each subsequent chapter?

Copy is, or should be, the same.

Look at it this way: Good copy makes a good case. But great copy tells a good story. A great copywriter is also a great salesperson. But all great copywriters and all great salespeople also have one thing in common…

The closer your copy reads like a compelling story — keeping the reader interested and engaged, hanging on to every word — the greater your chances she will read your copy until the end and, of course, buy.

Your story should tickle the reader’s curiosity and pull her into the copy. Each new idea introduced should build on the other, pulling the reader further and deeper into the sales letter. Your copy should almost mesmerize the reader to the point she’s in a trance-like state, totally engrossed in your story.

Each paragraph and each word crescendos and prepares you, step-by-step, for the climactic twist in the story’s plot.

The climax, of course, is the offer .

A good hook grabs your readers “by the eyeballs”, and draws them towards this offer.

It could be some major advantage, claim, promise or benefit. But the best one often consists of some unexpected, incredible, and almost unbelievable or even surreal concept. John Carlton often refers to a hook as the “incongruent juxtaposition of seemingly unrelated ideas, facts or events.”

(Want some examples? Subscribe to the National Enquirer. They contain some of the best eyeball-grabbing hooks. Or check out this Seducing a Buyer to Desire.

What Is Copywriting

How would you like to turn your web site into an unstoppable sales machine?

Of course you would. So listen up. In this post I’m going to share with you my famous internet copywriting formula, more commonly referred to as simply THE FORMULA.

Just yesterday I was having a discussion with internet wizard Ryan Even. Ryan said “Justin, everyone is focusing on the graphics of web sites because that’s what you see. But the power is in the sales copy and no one is talking about that.”. So we’re going to talk about it right here, right now.

Before I present you with THE FORMULA I want to remind you of the 3 key laws to having a profitable web site. In order to make your web site “unstoppable” you must first have these 3 factors in place:

  1. You must provide valuable content for your visitors. How many web sites do you see that are just one big advertisement? (Answer: Way too many.) The solution is to provide helpful, useful information to your visitors.
  2. You must capture the contact information of your visitors. When someone stops by your web site, that is NOT the end - it’s the beginning of a relationship. To make that relationship happen, you must capture information so you can begin a dialogue with your potential customer. One great way of accomplishing this is to offer a free report, or newsletter in exchange for filling out a brief survey.
  3. You must present a complete and compelling case for buying your product or service. Most people make the mistake of trying to sell too many products on a web site. They often feature lots of big graphics but little information. It takes a lot of information to convince someone to order from you. Don’t be afraid of writing a sales letter that’s too long. Your letter can never be too long, only too boring.

Your sales letter should have a headline, an opening that grabs you, a clear presentation of features and benefits, a price, and a compelling reason to act today.

You will use these sales letters in your email campaigns and on your web site.

To make it easy for you, I developed…

The 12 Step Internet Copywriting Formula

Headline + Opening Hook + Features and Benefits + Unique Selling Proposition + Credibility + Bullets + Price and Bargain Appeal + Guarantee + Don’t Decide Now + Bonuses + You Can’t Lose + P.S. = Money

This is the formula for writing a sales letter to sky rocket your sales by a bare-bones minimum of 27%. It’s based on my knowledge of psychology and human behavior as well as my years of experience writing direct response advertising and direct mail.

I think of it like this: People have psychological BUTTONS that stimulate them to do certain things. When you know WHAT buttons to push, HOW, WHEN and in WHAT order to push them, you maximize your chances of sale. Just because you push the buttons doesn’t guarantee a sale. But it does put the odds in your favor.

These buttons do NOT force people to do anything. But they do provide the impetus or mental stimulation that leads them to act.

If you examine a random sampling of web sites, you’ll discover that 99% do NOT push even half the buttons in the formula. Which is good news for you! Because that gives you a huge competitive advantage.

Now you need to learn how to write killer headlines.