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The Formula for Creating Desire

If I could show you one single marketing formula that has been used 11,477 times over 45 years (1), to generate millions of dollars and millions of customers, without ANY variation whatsoever...

... would you believe it?

Another product has been marketed 13,585 times since 1952, also generating millions of dollars and millions of customers, using that SAME formula with NO variation whatsoever. And it's still being used today "as is" with no changes.

It is the hook, line, and sinker that compels your audience's emotional desire to "must have" your content, not later when time permits, but right this very moment NOW. And yet, this method is one of the first exploits you learned about in Bible School.

The Strip Tease of Selling

The formula DOES have a preferred delivery mechanism. In fact, the delivery mechanism itself is among the most potent tools through which to advertise anything!

The delivery mechanism is "the promise of a good story". And the promise itself can often be virtually irresistible.

It was used by the late Robert Collier (2), to earn millions of dollars, and proven again by John Caples; Copywriters Hall of Fame in 1973, and Advertising Hall of Fame in 1977 (3).

Why Influence by Desire

The discipline of advertising and marketing is the craft of influence. The influence that says, "Chose ME!" However that influence is gained, except deceit, is generally fair game.

And one of the strongest methods for gaining influence is to arouse outright "desire" for the choice you are presenting.

Stripped of its dressing, "marketing" is not much more.

The techniques for creating desire in another person, however, have been the closely held secrets of the master marketers. You will seldom see them in PRINT -- until now.

I'll show you a whole slew of them in a moment. They answer the question, "How do I get another person to 'emotionally' desire what I have to offer, when I advertise?" They're called...

"Insatiable Hot Buttons for Creating Desire". But for now, redirect your attention to this most important question...

Is it EASY To Influence the Behavior of "Desire" in Others?

It wasn't until the merging of the crafts of psychology, social psychology, hypnosis, and clinical hypnosis -- with "marketing", that these techniques began to publicly emerge.

In an example of social psychology, influence and desire can be as simple as showing people an action -- and watching the rest follow that SAME action, without rhyme or reason.

Some call it the herd effect, but it goes deeper. Take a quick look at the example from this link:


Easy to anticipate, wasn't it?

These 5 year olds beat the living crap out of Mr. Bobo with a baseball bat, clearly with an unquenchable thirst. Yet, it was completely unnecessary to direct them to do so. They "desired" to do so, all on their own.

But don't focus on the "technique" of influence; that's the easy part. Pay attention to the zeal, the desire, the passion, with which they carried out the act! As the author says, "..it wasn't a pretty sight".

And What About In a Pure Sales Environment?

Kauffman and Wood (April 19, 2003) sought to answer, "What factors make individual bidders pay more or less for the same item in online auctions?"


"We find that the same individual will tend to pay more for items sold on a weekend, for items with a picture, and for items sold by experienced sellers. We also find that the same individual is willing to pay more for the same item if others express an interest in that item, exhibiting a type of herd effect."

Yes, The Herd Effect.

Come one, come all; young, old, sophisticated or 5 year olds. We are ALL subject to the same influences that cause DESIRE, until we recognize what they are and how to avoid falling victim to them. You'll discover several of them, soon. And how to use them to your marketing advantage.

An Insatiable Desire ... to do What?

Let me ask you something about advertising. Have you succeeded in gaining their ATTENTION? That's the power of a great headline. Have you succeeded in gaining and keeping their INTEREST? That's the power of a great story.

Are you bold enough to leave your prospects with only one click left to satisfaction? That's the power of the "Buy Me" button -- the ACTION.

But, the "Buy Me" button has no power without DESIRE. It is the least often talked about element in advertising basics (AIDA); yet, it is just as crucial as the other three -- turning up the DESIRE.


When you take advantage of turning on, and turning up, another persons desire for something, you virtually guarantee they will ACT, in order to get it.