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Pay per click or PPC is can be an effective method of getting high quality web site traffic. There are many dangers though, including low quality or fraudulent clicks. If you are serious about online marketing, though, PPC is a powerful tool to master.

Pay Per Click Online Advertising


Google Adwords

When it comes to online advertising, there is no doubt that Google Adwords is the market leader, and also, in my humble opinion, the best advertising medium on the internet. It is also Google's major source of income.

Adwords is a form of pay per click advertising, or PPC as some abbreviate it to. In other words, you do not pay to place the ad, just when someobody clicks on it.

I have been using Google Adwords for over two years now, and they were around about a year before that I believe. As a marketing tool, they are revolutionary when compared to what has gone before in the advertising world.

I was incredibly impressed with Google Adwords right from day one, or rather, hour one. It was quick to set up and take effect, and I went back to the Google website a few hours later to see that visitors were already clicking on the ads and going to the website I was advertising.

At the time, to a then novice to internet marketing,it seemed like magic. I was hooked. I'm still hooked, but have grown to be even more impressed as I've got to understand the way Google Adwords works in more depth. It is an amazing medium, with what amounts to a comprehensive, inbuilt management information system. You get just about all the information you need to monitor your advertising campaigns in some depth, and you can refine your campaigns all the time with what you learn. I have always found the quality of traffic to be very high.

With Google Adwords you can quickly get loads of information about the market your product is in. What key words people are searching on is the first and most obvious, and what % are clicking on your ads. Because of that, Google Adwords can be used as a cheap research tool if you want to test out products,  or even strategies. You can also use it for testing ad copy very quickly, and remarkably cheaply.

If you are serious about establishing a long term business, you should always be considering your marketing mix, and in what parts of the mix you can beat your competitors. If you become a Google expert, you will be ahead of your competitors.

I strongly recommend you get The Definitive Guide to Google Adwords by Perry Marshall. He is a brilliant marketer. The $10 investment in the digital version will be repaid many times over in the next few years if you follow his advice.