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What is “Universal Search”? – SEO Basics IX

Monday, January 31st, 2011

In 2007 Google began displaying “Universal Search” results . This was a big change in the way search results were delivered to viewers and it affected all web site owners that depend on Google traffic for their business.

What is Universal Search and why does it matter?
In the past, when a search term was entered into Google’s search field, the SE returned the web sites that best matched the query. So a particular site competed only with the other web sites vying for placement with the same keywords.
With the introduction of Universal Search, Google began displaying results that included other digital content such as video, images, news, books and blogs. Now the competition for valuable first page real estate grew much more fierce as websites not only had to compete with other web sites but also with digital media of all types.
Since Universal Search was introduced websites have a broader and more competitive playing field. To be successful with Universal Search, website owners need to broaden their reach to viewers using digital media such as Images, Video ( YouTube) , News ( Press Releases) , Social Media ( Facebook, Twitter) and Google Maps.
In the new era of Universal Search, business need to be proactive in using these opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

Friday Link Love for 8/5/10: The “Meet Lesa” Edition

Friday, August 6th, 2010

This week we are thrilled to announce that we have a new team member! Who is actually an old team member in another secret ninja department. Lesa comes to us from our account management team and is our new Director of Internet Marketing. That’s kinda like being the Charlie to our Angels. We adore Lesa and we’re looking forward to the occasional blog post from her here.

On to the Link Love!

We’ve been keeping tabs on the SEO and conversion benefits of online video for quite awhile since we have our own completely awesome video crew, so it comes as no surprise to us that Shmulik Weller is saying that video is now a must-have for competitive SEO. We absolutely agree!

While needs my link love like a billionaire needs a quarter, alas I have no choice. In an article that is special to CNN, Al Franken writes that Net Neutrality is the foremost free speech issue of our time. I have always been an adamant Al Franken fan (and I’m pretty fond of the 1st Amendment as well), and above all this is an issue that has been stinging my side as of late. The internet should remain open to all users, not just those that pay more for faster access and usage (pointing to you, corporate America).

This week, we bid adieu to our old friend, Google Wave. I wrote about Wave just a little under a year ago, and now she’s gone. Search Engine Land took this opportunity to celebrate some of Google’s Best Failures, which reminds us all, that even the seemingly perfect fail sometimes.

Google FanGirl: YouTube Queue

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

I use a lot of Google products on the daily: GMail, Docs, Reader, Analytics, Places, Maps…. you get the  picture. Google is my go-to for all things web.

Naturally, of course, I watch videos on YouTube. Just like the rest of you, but I do it because I LOVE GOOGLE!

…Ahem. I noticed something totally awesome today on YouTube and it made me wonder, “Why the heck has no one else talked about this yet? Am I the only special one to hear get access to it or am I just 2 years behind, as usual?” I checked with some other Ninjas, and it seems that it is in fact a new feature, and I LOVE IT. You don’t even have to be logged in to have it.

Want to know what it is?

YouTube Queue.

YouTube Queue

Lookie, there it is, at the bottom of the page!


Getting Creative with Link Building

Monday, March 8th, 2010

As the competition for first page listings, web traffic and business leads keeps getting tougher, optimizers are always looking for new ways to get inbound links and authority and credibility for their clients’ sites.

The fact that results from search queries now increasingly include real time search results , it’s becoming imperative for us to craft strategies above and beyond the traditional link-building methods.

While making sure that the fundamentals like custom Title tags, compelling descriptions, high quality content and user friendly interfaces remain the cornerstone of our work, we can successfully use some strategies to boost the presence of our sites.

  • Publishing targeted blog posts, interacting with the viewers and syndicating blog via feeds.
  • Making sure Google Maps and Bing Local listings are verified and updated with the latest media rich information about the site.
  • Finding Local directories to add sites and create a presence within a smaller, more focussed geographic area.
  • Using Twitter and Facebook to build a brand following for your site, thus proving the popularity of your site to the search engines.
  • Using e-PRs , articles and press releases to target specific key phrases through latest updates.
  • Using Video especially YouTube to build a strong presence for your site.

These strategies will bring definite advantages to our sites, helping us get an edge over competition in the search engine rankings and potentially bring in high quality web traffic and business leads for our clients.

Conversion Rate Optimization: The Mantra for 2010?

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Whether it’s on blogs or articles or any Internet Marketing related news, the message seems to be that CRO or conversion rate optimization is the  new SEO. SEOMoz’s Rand Fishkin recently declared that conversion optimization is the most underused and highest ROI activity in the marketing department.

So what is CRO?  Is this within the realm of SEO or does this fall more in the  design and web development area? How do we as optimizers conquer this new mountain and get success for our clients.

CRO In broad terms, conversion optimization is the implementation of techniques on a website that enhance a vistor’s experience when they visit the website, so they can  quickly find what they’re looking for,  move without delay through the site and get to the point where they  get converted into potential clients.

Optimizing for Conversion

The first step in improving conversion rates is to define the site’s objective – Is it to sell products or services,  provide information or generate click-throughs ?

Once the  site’s objective is defined, the next step is to develop metrics and carry out regular tests  to identify problems and trends.

Once the data has beeen gathered, immediate action needs to be taken to address problems and enhance the overall site usability.