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Friday Link Love: July 23

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

I find myself wondering how the heck I made it to Friday again so quickly. Is it just me, or is July moving at the speed of light?

Either way, it’s time for some link lovin’s for our favorite SEO writers this week!

Patti: There’s another startup on the horizon, and this one comes with FREE DATA! I, like our former ninja Tara, love data, especially when it’s free. Blekko is a search engine currently sitting in beta which promises to share it’s data for free, including inbound links, duplicated content, and associated metatags, for each and every domain they have indexed! Provided their index is comparable to that of Yahoo! or Google, this will be a great tool for SEO! Swoon

Becky: Last January, I got very interested in Foursquare and after poking it with a stick for awhile I wrote¬†SEO for Foursquare. I was pretty excited about the possible implications for local search, and wrote that, “The clean, clear address and map hint that a citation is certainly possible. If a lot of people are checking in to a venue, those could be construed as votes in favor that make it more worthy of a higher position in the 7-pack. At the very least, the search engines are taking some serious notice.” So of course I was excited all over again when Greg Sterling at Search Engine Land posted¬†Foursquare In Discussions With “Everyone” To Enhance Search With Its Data. Can I get away with saying I told you so? Cuz I kinda want to. ;-)

Friday Link Love: 1 Day Until DrupalCamp Colorado!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Is anyone else as excited for DrupalCamp Colorado as we are? Mike, Becky, Tara, Kristen, and myself (Patti!) will all be attending DrupalCamp Colorado this weekend at the Auraria Campus, and we hope to meet some of you there! Leave a comment if you’re coming, maybe we can do lunch together?

And now, without further adieu, you’re regularly scheduled Friday Link Love, spreading the love back to some of our favorite blog posts and articles from this week.

Tara:This entry on the “data death spiral” by Scott Berkun is a great reminder that reading numbers is not enough to really drive actions and results for your clients. I especially like his last point – “People are better than data.” Check it out!

John: Keeping your content updated is just as important as having it optimized for search engines. Stoney deGeyter provides an informative and humorous article about keeping site visitors – and search engines- happy with updated, fresh content that isn’t layered on too thick. Check out “There’s No Such Thing as Perfect Content


Friday Link Love for 6/11/10

Friday, June 11th, 2010

The Friday Link Love exercise never fails to fascinate me, as every member of our ninja squad seems to gravitate toward different articles and revelations. But then again, I’m following how many industry blogs? Probably too many, but it gives us no shortage of material to choose from. Here once again are our favorites from the week.

Becky: My pick this week is from the Bruce Clay Blog, Search Engine Optimization Track: SEO For Google Vs. Bing: How Different Are They? First of all, I am beyond jealous of everyone who is attending SMX this week and look forward to these session recaps every day. And the idea of Matt Cutts and Rand Fishkin not just in the same room but on the same panel? My head! It asploded! As the great Tina Fey so eloquently put it, “I want to go to there!” Aside from my silly SEO crushes, the information in this was to die for. It was great to see the similarities and contrasts. Google values on-page optimization more highly than Bing, while Bing places more emphasis on inbound links than Google. Fascinating stuff!

Patti: RustyBrick posted an article this week examining what impact Twitter’s proposed new URL shortening service would have upon SEO. I hope Twitter gets wind of this and improves their product, since multiple redirects aren’t going to be viewed favorably by anyone who has any SEO experience. Twitter, are you listening?

Debby: 29 Worst Practices & Most Common Failures: SEO Checklist Part I is a great post which lists things that might slip through the cracks and end up impacting results.

Tara: This recent blog entry by Graywolf is an interesting dialogue on the panic about the supposedly less-private Facebook and the ignorance of the never-private Google. Apparently downloading my personal info is fine, but knowing what pictures I post of my friends? That’s going too far!