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Building Back Links For Web Site Traffic

There are many ways you can get web site visitors, or traffic. Other web sites linking to your own site is one way, and is valuable for two reasons.

The first reason that links to your site on others is beneficial is that, if the link is on a relevant site, then you may get people clicking on that link and visiting your own site. If you have enough such links, they can become a valuable source of customers.

The second reason, and for most people the more powerful reason, is that other web sites linking to yours can affect your search engine rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN, the main search engines which drive most internet search traffic. It also affects your Page Rank (PR) at Google, and that in turn affects your Google ranking.

The "organic" traffic that comes from these search engines is high in value, but comes at zero direct cost. Most internet marketers, therefore, are very keen to get ranked highly in the search engines to get all this traffic. Top rankings, especially in Google, have become something of a Holy Grail to internet marketers.

How to Get Back Links to Your Web Site

To begin with, let us talk about what not to do, as things change rapidly in the search engine arena:

Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking takes place when you arrange to link to another site and they link to yours. I used to dspend an hour a day, with Arelis software, targeting and then approaching webmasters to exhange links with. Then, in late 2004, I just stopped. If I thought the whole thing was meaningless, then surely soon Google and other search engines would too.

Why, I asked, should Google give high ranking just because the webmaster could get reciprocal links? It was nothing to do with content, and seachers (Google's customers) were searching for relevant information, not the best webmaster at getting reciprocal links. Basic marketing includes knowing your market place; common sense told me reciprocal links would diminish in value in the algorithms search engines use to rank web sites.

Evidence has emerged in the latter half of 2005 that Google has negated the value of reciprocal links in ranking web sites. The sellers of relevant software still ply their wares, but you do not need it. You can save your time and money, and stop searching for reciprocal link partners, at least for ranking purposes.

Buying Back Links

Not content with reciprocal links, a demand developed for "quality" one way back links at a price; and they could be very expensive too. Again, in late 2005, Matt Cutts of Google was able to demonstrate to a couple for web site owners at a seminar, why their web sites had fallen out of the rankings at Google. It tool him just a few seconds to track that they had both bought links.

Save your money, and your ranking. Links are valuable, but only if the search engines recognize them as valuable.

Legitimate Ways to Get Back Links

Good quality links to your web site are still valuable; and they should not be unnaturally inflated. If you suddenly have 1000 new links on a low traffic site, that is likely to set off alarm bells at Googlebot's home. Googlebot is the name of Google's robot that scours the internet for web sites as part of the ranking process. Or rather, Google's robots. there is more than one Googlebot.

The best way to get people to link to your site is through it being so good, or some pages in it being so good, that webmasters want to refer others to it, and put a link in their own web site.

However, most of us never come up with the magic formula that achieves that. So what are the altenatives?

The method I use is article distribution. That suits me fine as a writer. You can allow other webmasters to use your articles, so long as they retain your "Resource Box", which may include one or more links to your web site.

Your articles can be put in article directories, such as ezinearticles.com, from where people come to view articles and then use should they wish. Apart from the links, you can also get visitors direct from the article links at the directory. For me that happens by far the most from ezinearticles.com, which seems to be regarded as a trusted site by the search engines, including Google, has a decent Page Rank, and may get some high rankings for your article through the article copy at the ezinearticles site.

You may also get back links by being placed in relevant directories, so if you search out directories for your niche, then see if they themselves have a good PR, you can submit your own web site fro inclusion. I personally tend to concentrate on articles, as I happen to like writing.