Meet the authors of White Hat, Black Belt!

As A Whole:

We are the optimization team at Page 1 Solutions, specializing in organic search engine optimization and complete online marketing management for plastic surgeons, LASIK surgeons, cosmetic dentists, and lawyers throughout the United States and Canada.

Major Contributers:

Tammy Smith

Tammy is an SEO Analyst with Page 1 Solutions.  When not working for SERP zen for her clients, she can be found volunteering time at various youth shelter and suicide prevention organizations in the community, exploring ghost towns with her family, writing and maintaining personal websites which includes a site dedicated to ghost hunting and bizarre history in Colorado, or attending gaming conventions.

Paul Duncan

After graduating from The University of Arizona in 2010, Paul left his very flat hometown of Plano, TX for the mountainous landscape of Denver, CO.  Paul is an avid golfer, musician, and general outdoors man.  Paul began working in SEO in 2012, and was employed by Page1 Solutions in 2013.