Being #1 Only a Small Piece of the Internet Marketing Pie

According to a new study, your #1 ranking in organic search accounts for an 18.2% click through rate on Google, and a 9.66% click through rate on Bing.  For the combined click through rate of the top 10 results (page 1 on the SERPs) you get 52% for Google and 26% for Bing. This is a dramatic decrease when compared to similar studies done not too long ago that showed the top ten organic search results would garner anywhere from 63% to almost 90% of the click throughs. Overall, the data suggests trend has been on the decline, but why?

Now more than ever, users are distracted by the additional information provided in search results. You have sponsored listings, images, video, shopping results, and instant search. This has changed search results from a simple, focused list of relevant information to a crowded street bazaar with each new search feature shouting “click here!”

So what does this mean if I want my business to show up on the first page of the search results?

If your located in a competitive area for your business, the days of free business from the internet are nearly over. More and more you will have to rely on a professional optimization and marketing strategy that involves pay per click campaigns, local directory listings, video, social media, and finding niche markets for yourself.

Even before that, it will be necessary for your web site to not just show up, but to convert the ever more elusive clicks into leads. This means having a properly designed, attractive site with well written content that makes users trust you and want to buy your services.  You also need to make sure your staff, the people that answer email inquiries and phone calls, are doing their part to convert interested inquiries into paying customers.

The internet is fast becoming as expensive a medium as radio and television advertising, and the reality is that it is still a better value. Radio and TV simply cannot offer you the feedback and data that internet marketing does. Nor can they allow you to target your audience so specifically. The best return on your investment dollars is the internet, so invest for success!

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