What are Inbound, Outbound and Reciprocal links ? SEO Basics XIV

An Inbound link is a link from an external website pointing to your site while an outbound link is a link from your site pointing to another website.

Given the importance of link building in optimization, one of the biggest goals for an optimizer is to get high quality topical inbound links for a site on a regular basis. This is one of the key factors used by Google to assess the credibility of a website. Webmasters should consistently look for opportunities to get inbound links especially from .edu or .gov sites, this can help give a website a boost in the Search Engine rankings.

While outbound links are not considered as valuable as Inbound links, linking to authoritative, relevant sources can help make your site more user-friendly which is valued by the Search Engines. It is also important to ensure that your site does not point to low quality, unrelated sites.

A reciprocal link is a link done as part of a mutual agreement between 2 webmasters to exchange links to each others’ websites. If you exchange links, make sure that it’s relevant to your site and that you do not link purely to add to the number of incoming links on your site.

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