Friday Link Love for December 10, 2010

So this is Lesa, our Director of Internet Marketing and Head Ninja, having a good time at Page 1 Solutions’ annual Casino Night, which raised money for two local non-profits: The Second Wind Fund, which fights teen suicide, and the Jeffco Action Center, which provides food and other basic services to those who can’t afford them.

By the way, are you following Page 1 Solutions on Facebook? Why, look at that, here’s a suspiciously convenient link to the fan page! I wonder how that happened… If you need an incentive, I can say authoritatively that there are many, many embarrassing photos of the ninjas and their posse posted over there right now. I’m picking on Lesa since she hasn’t written any SEO ninja blog posts here yet.

Becky’s Link Love:
Digital Inspiration wrote a nice piece on a Google search operator I’d never heard of before, the AROUND(n) function. What does it do? Well, let’s say you want to search for instances in which two keywords are mentioned in close proximity of each other. For instance, “zombie AROUND(7) peppermint” will give you results in which “zombie” and “peppermint” are mentioned within seven words of each other. This could be handy if your client wants two keywords mentioned on the same page and you want to see how others have done it.

Mike’s Link Love:
A creative and interesting use of Google maps.
Rioting London Students Created Live Google Maps War Room

Kristen’s Link Love:
Over the last year, Google and BING have added numerous search features.  They have been discussing also using social signals to help rank your organic search results. Your stature on social networking sites could help influence how a page ranks in web search. Why not use this easy, free, friendly way to boost your rankings?????

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