Friday Link Love: Post-Halloween Sugar High Edition

Photo by Jeff Turner (respres on Flickr)

Halloween just ain’t what it used to be. I remember racing the neighborhood kids from door to door, standing in line at some, shuffling in and out of the living rooms of perfect strangers who wanted photos of all their trick-or-treaters. Yeah, the early 1980s were really great like that. It was an awesome free for all, the one night of the year when the kids ruled the streets.

Fast forward to 2010, and I live in a condo. There are plenty of kids in the neighborhood and lots of doors to knock on, all just steps apart, adding up to a treasure trove of candy ripe for the taking. Seriously, this is the low-hanging fruit of trick-or-treating. But times are different. I don’t know why my neighborhood is skipped every year, though I suspect it’s not just us. My only trick-or-treaters were two cute little girls. I made the pizza delivery guy take some of my fun-size Nestle Crunch bars, too.

And since no one came to take it from me, I’m left with a mountain of candy, just like when I was a kid.
So maybe it’s not all bad.

Becky’s Links:
The gem of the week for me was Melissa Fach’s interview with Alan Bleiweiss, in which he gives wonderfully insightful answers to questions like “What are the top 5 common SEO problems you see when auditing a website?” It sounds almost arcane, but trust me, his answers are rich.

Another one that caught my interest is Marijayne Bushey’s article, Want to Dip a Toe in CRO Waters?… Just Shoot Yourself in the Foot. The point she makes about CRO being an all or nothing pursuit is dead on – and one that is timely as the CRO discussion finally has been gaining momentum around here.

And along those same lines, Mashable put out a list yesterday of 7 A/B Testing Resources for Startups and Solo Developers. I’m stashing this one away for later.

I have been very interested in the new search engine Blekko. Not in the sense that it will be the “new google” or anything along those ridiculous lines. I actually like it for what makes it different from Google and Bing. Offering SEO insight such as link data, crawling issues, a site comparison tool, even a duplicate content report – all accessible without verifying your site in Google Webmaster Tools. Check out Vanessa Fox’s description of Blekko’s SEO Tools.

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