Friday Link Love 9/24/10 – The Musical Chairs Edition

It’s been a crazy week here at the ninja lair. The bosses decided to rearrange us, and now we’re all sitting in new cubicles, adjusting to new neighbors and new surroundings. I suppose it’s good to always keep your ninjas on their toes, eh? Now that I’m all settled into my new digs (I have a window!) it’s time to get this week’s link love flowing.

I’m going to throw in a bunch of links this week since we inadvertently neglected to get a Friday Link Love up last week. (Oops..)

  • The robots.txt, META-robots & rel=nofollow and their impact on SEO – This is an EXCELLENT explanation of some of the intricacies of robots, meta noindex, etc. How can a page with a noindex tag still get indexed? Vasilis Vryniotis of WebSEO Analytics lays it all out for you.
  • SEO: Back to Basics – With so many SEO bloggers reporting on trends and deep, deep analysis and whatnot, sometimes it’s just nice to revisit basic issues. Barry Adams does just that at State of Search, clearing up some common SEO misconceptions that even the best of the best probably sometimes forget.
  • LDA correlation 0.17 not .032 – LDA was challenged and debated quite passionately after SEOmoz introduced its LDA tool and the science behind it. All of the discussion prompted Ben Hendrickson to run through his calculations one more time and he discovered an error. Is the error critical? No, not really, but the revelation that LDA’s correlation to rankings was less than previously believed took a bit of the wind out of SEOmoz’s sails on the issue. It was also a fantastic example of Ben’s awesomeness and SEOmoz’s dedication to transparancy, a critical part of its TAGFEE philosophy, as they quickly owned up to the error instead of sweeping it under the proverbial rug.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Link Valuation by Ross Hudgens provides some excellent guidance on how to zero in on the best links you can probably get.
  • Finding Places on the Web: Rich Snippets for Local Search – Google doesn’t need the link love, to be sure, but I was excited to see them officially acknowledge that they are looking at rich snippets in their local ranking algo. This turns rich snippets from something that was probably helpful and just nice to do into an essential local ranking element.

I’d like to point out a blog/forum that I ran into this week called The Conversion Scientist. It’s written by Brian Massey and I’m not really sure why I haven’t been following this for a long time. His posts seem to focus on engaging site visitors and turning leads, not just traffic. In How to Keep Your Content Promises, Massey starts out with humor and ends with great points about how to make your site content work in your favor.

I just like to start my Friday with a good laugh, if it is related in some way to SEO its all the better.  This week’s “Happy Friday” moment is brought to you by Enjoy!

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